Hi Friends,

It has been a while since I caught up with you and I’m so sorry about that. But I have plans to be with you more, sharing the wisdom of my own recovery, training and experience, along with the wisdom of many others who are walking their version of a life free of weight and food worries as well.

Be looking for some new and exciting offerings this whole year as we dive deeper into helpful tools for somatic work to help regulate the nervous system so we can find deeper nourishment and satisfaction from our meals and even digest better!

We will also be offering some non-diet meal planning; I know I get stuck in food ruts and maybe you do too.

Finally, we will be offering soon a password protected membership site where we can gather over lots of different non diet topics, including body image repair and movement that doesn’t feel like a chore.

And… If you haven’t downloaded this new free tool, drum-role please…

If you are struggling with the emotions that come up from over or under eating, practical strategies that work if you do them!


What I want to share with you all today is an opportunity to dig deep and get curious about how much you are in recovery to win it.

Because it’s hard sometimes. Make that a lot of the time.

But I want to remind you how the tough decision and risks PAY OFF.

I thought today I would share the meanderings I had over on FB this past week about taking risks and how we are wired to grow.

Stagnation in the safety of the status quo with food and body beliefs causes the long term suffering. We fall into the trap that we can think ourselves into a better relationship with food, more self care, less over-scheduling ourselves…

We do have to take action.

That being said, I do understand that there needs to “safety enough” to be willing to take action.

For you that safety might come in eating meals more regularly and with people you trust. Or making a plan to not skip meals to feel out of control at night. Or taking 5 minutes when overwhelm is spinning so we aren’t grazing through the day to settle our anxiety.

Or engaging your senses of sound, sight, social engagement or smell before you decide to eat.

It might be letting yourself stop trying to fix yourself and let yourself cry or watch a dog being best friends with a pig. Or whatever brain candy makes you smile. 

All that being said, let’s dive into some questions that will further challenge and encourage you to try the hard things.

I also often ask clients: “What has been the most worthwhile risk you have taken?”

For me it was:

1) Burning the bridge to trying to be a certain weight

2) Truly eating what I wanted to really trust that my body didn’t want too much of any one thing; and it worked.

For you it might be trusting people, adding in once restrictive foods you told yourself it was for health or even moral reasons when deep down it wasn’t the motivation for the restriction.

Maybe it’s deciding to be brave and bold move your body without trying to lose weight, reclaiming the joy of having a body that can do things.

If you knew for sure life would be okay to break the food rules or not criticize or fear your body, how do you think you feel?

Most people said “peaceful, free” ; “life would be more fun.”

To which I ask, “What are you waiting for”?

If you’ve done some hard stuff this week regarding your food or self care, watch below:

What are you celebrating this week:

As we wrap up here regarding doing hard things, I want to say thank you.

Thank you for sharing your ♥️.

Without this community, it would just be me clanging on about what I think is important.

Thank you for linking and commenting and sharing your successes and struggles for others to not feel alone.

Because not being part of diet culture is an absolute turning away from a convenient form of connection with others.

We are wired for it.

Unfortunately diet culture teaches to belong with others you have to hurt and hate yourself…

And you are saying here that you would rather do hard things and accept what you’ve been told isn’t acceptable — a well fed body — isn’t true and you are going to find a better way to connect with yourself and others.

Don’t underestimate how far you’ve come even if today isn’t an easy day.

You are doing good, hard things. ♥️

Finally, I would like to leave you with this:

You Feel Heavy
Because You
Are too full of Truth
Open your mouth more
Let the Truth Exist
Somewhere other than
Inside your Body

Poem by Della Hicks-Wilson

I hope you enjoyed this session in a blog. Until next time,

Peaceful eating,



If you are struggling with the emotions that come up from over or under eating, practical strategies that work if you do them! https://www.tracybrownrd.com/in-your-skin-optin/  

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