Hi all,I hope you are well.  I’ve been hearing some worries about intuitive eating “not working” not just this week, but through out my work over the years and I wanted to help you all be “In the know” and not have to learn this the long and hard way on your own.  That’s the way it was for me and it stinks and I care about you way too much not to say something.

Some of us have greater ease of staying connected in our bodies… or not.  We all have different experiences with what feels overwhelming when it comes to both how we perceive and experience emotions, life stressors or even the smells in a room.

It’s not just about restricting to match some kind of cultural ideal. When you slow down and recognize how hard it can be to be with ourselves, feel sensations, metabolize feelings or care, we understand how much it’s not about the weight even though living in a thin privileged body is less threatening to others fragility and can feel safer to pursue, which of course when you’re sensitive and aware you notice in your body as well.

When we are fully in our bodies and awareness we notice a lot which can be overwhelming. I made this video to remind people to be patient and gentle with themselves while still pressing on.

Physical and emotional hungers guide.

If you’re interested in a Series of somatic tools you can learn more about them after your receive your free gift.

Please, don’t just try to white-knuckle through not restricting or binging.  Sometimes, we need someone to see us and bring perspective when we are blaming ourselves for lack of willpower (which is never the problem).  We often just need someone to help us care about ourselves enough to protect ourselves and give ourselves what we need.

Much love