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In healing your relationship with food, you will find many ways you will need to re-parent yourself.  We need to be provided gentle structure when we are young to learn to trust and honor our hungers.  We need  to feel confident saying no and having those boundaries respected.  And when they are not respected, we need support in knowing we weren’t wrong for feeling angry and hurt and respect ourselves to keep going forward even when it’s hard.

​I highly recommend you read and apply the wisdom from the following article.  It was one of my favorites of 2015 and will give you many weeks of contemplation.


This piece articulated beautifully what I knew from the time I was 6 yo and again many times in my childhood.  In recovery, I had to confront this.  As a professional I encourage my clients that feeding themselves with nurturance is an act of re-parenting to the recovery process. And of course, becoming a mother myself resurfaced fragments of my mother relationship that needed a home-coming as well.

You will be able to see in this article where your disturbances with your relationship with food and body are in relation to  your mother figures and how it is imperative for your embodiment to heal your food concerns through the mother lense.  Knowing that because my mother never healed her own body image issues, she could never give that empowerment to me and it helped me let go of trying to get that from her and made it easier to love her and be present to the ways she loved me well.

I broke the cycle of unconsciously giving my power away in my family for me, my daughter and I pray my lineage.  By mothering myself with the support of other women on this path,  I have learned that nurturance is a necessity to the grounded-ness, power and truth seeking that I enjoy and is not at all a sign of weakness.

If you are not mothering yourself consistently, who will?  What are you missing if you don’t!?

I would love to hear your thoughts below.

Until then, today, do just one mothering act.  It all matters… and not just to or for you.