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Useful Articles

Learn Intuitive and Normal Eating

Eating Disorder Help

Local Florida Therapists

Online or by phone: or 352-258-8220

Therapists in Gainesville, FL:  Community Provider DataBase at the Univeristy of Florida
Therapist in Jacksonville, FL:   Lori Osachy,; 904.737.3232
                                            Janice Walton, PhD 904.567.3862

Life Without ED

Dieting Doesn't Work Books

  • Big Fat Lies by  Glen Gaesser
  • The Obesity Myth,” by Paul Campos.
  • Never Satisfied: A Cultural History of Diets, Fantasies and Fat’ by Hillel Schwartz.

Body Image

  • When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies, by Jane Hirschmann and Cariol Munter
  • Body Wars by Margo Maine
  • The Women’s Belly Book: Finding your Treasure Within (and the updated version: Finding Your True Center…) by Lisa Sarasohn
  • Other books can be found at Gurze Books
  • Pearlsong Press – wonderful novels with heroines that are not forced into the traditional mold for beauty. Expand your horizons! We also recommend Taking Up Space by Thomas.

Nondiet and Emotional Eating Must-Reads

  • Breaking Free with Geneen Roth – author of original 1984 book-tapes, books
  • Overcoming Overeating – ending body hatred and dieting- books, tapes, online communities
  • www.danceswithfat – Ragen Chastain writes about my favorite things: being your own food expert and rejecting weight prejudice
  • Healthy Weight Network – weight and eating resources by experts

Online Communities


  • Freedom from Emotional Eating – dedicated to helping people care for their emotions, enjoy food and accept themselves unconditionally.
  • Dances With Fat – Advocacy for people of all sizes and calls out weight bias!
  • Rachel Cole –  Self-care, self-care, self-care for a well-fed life


  • The Body Positive (Peer-Led Support for creating Positive Body Image in children, teens, college-ages and adults; videos and curriculum )
  • Body Positive (a different website, based on HAES and Size Acceptance; wealth of information and resources from Dr. Deb Burgard)
  • Our Bodies Ourselves Website on Body Image (includes other website resources and listings here)

Personal Growth

  • Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map  – A heart-centered approach to meeting your desires and goals without the stress
  • Struggling with nurturing yourself?  Maybe look at your “Mother Wound” 
  • Mother or Mother -to- be?  Intuitive Coach Genevieve Camp has the support you may need to work with these powerful transitions.

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