Professional Courses


Non-Diet Decoding & Counseling Skills Course

Learn to partner with clients to grow their eating competence, vitality, and inner wisdom so that bottom line,
they are more grounded people.

During this 12 Week Course, I will help you figure out how to get that client work up and running with inspiration and quality:

  • Thorough assessment and flow of sessions you provide to clients
  • Process for treating AN, BN, BED, and diet trauma
  • In-depth teaching on IE
  • Continuous work with body image
  • Recognition of early attachment issues, trauma, and work within your scope of those issues
  • Work with kids, teens, and parents
  • Teaching of counseling skills that include MI, body tracking and reflecting
  • Trust building to gain good relationships with your clients
  • Conflict resolution Systematic diet culture awareness and working with our blind spots
  • HAES
  • Inner work evaluation
  • Teamwork
  • Finding solutions
  • Finding your own voice for outreach
  • Ideal clients Business basics
  • And much much more!

Somatic Nutrition Coaching for Client Recovery


*Prerequisite: Non-Diet Decoding & Counseling Skills

During this 12 Week Course

  • Help clients reduce negative self talk, anxiety around food and weight change
  • Improve motivation to engage in coaching
  • Enhance client’s ability to listen and to respond to inner landscape and physical selves
  • Understand polyvagal and attachment theory to help decrease client confusion about their physical experiences of low energy, inability to slow down and health concerns
  • Work within clients window of tolerance and resiliency
  • Contain arousal of fight or flight system
  • Help clients stay in the here and now with food and body experiences
  • Cutting edge techniques to go at the pace of your client’s nervous system to make lasting change with food and health behaviors
  • Address sensory issues that prevent positive behaviors with food
  • Bring safety to client experiences so they don’t get overwhelmed
  • Learn how to repair mis-attunements in the relationship
  • Tools to give to clients between sessions for consistent growth
  • Learn to teach experiential exercises to promote your clients ability to track their own systems
  • Address when clients say, “part of me ___, part of me ___”

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