Many Greetings and Welcome!

Thank you for joining me in this important work of helping ourselves through connection with each other to build resiliency towards peace with food and weight and create new ways of navigating stress this upcoming holiday season.

Whatever our backgrounds and relationship with the holidays, we want it to not feel hectic, soul-sucking and pressured to be something we are not. Unfortunately, many of us have this experienced these on some level. But maybe we can reduce if not eliminate that, especially around food.

I have a pattern of over-giving, which has left my needs in the dust and nervous system wishing it was Jan 2. Not to mention when I was obsessed with food and weight, I was adding on more pressure NOT to gain weight, which made me struggle with holiday deliciousness and use the gym as a way to burn it off. Definitely decreased any holiday cheer and created dread. It doesn’t need to be this way!

This time that we will meet will be devoted to learning to tune in with ourselves for the subtle and big ways we have been communicating our overwhelm around our food behaviors or about our bodies and how we can help build safety to take risks with food and body/self acceptance. We will also allow ourselves to get clear about how we want to be treated in regards to being with family.

The Logistics:

  • I highly encourage you to open up the Attuned Eating Holiday Guide to listen to the audio and orient yourself to the materials.
  • Take the time to work through them of course, getting a sense of the basics of planning ahead to eat and feel how you would like to feel at meals.
  • Then, plan out a meal with permission to eat, not eating less earlier to eat more later, etc.
  • Set yourself up for trusting yourself and allowing the whole day to be a day of grounded decision making, not diet mentality game playing.

My Intention:

My wish for is for you to gain confidence in being with any shame, discomfort and ambivalence about transforming your relationship with food and body AND learn skills to help you shift from avoidance to ability and sovereignty over your eating experiences.

This is very intimate work so I encourage you that you do these audios without distraction to get the most from it and the readiness to take action so you get a chance to feel like your process of learning and integrating this information is being seen.

Finally, I do hope you get some relief and success.

Eating out and holiday meals and food CAN again become experiences of connection and satisfaction, not just with your food but with others and yourself.

Suggestions for this work

  • Schedule the meetings with yourself in your calendar.
  • As well you may want to give yourself some time, say 15 min or so, to journal any further insights.

Your Intention:

What is your desire for this participating in this program?

Is there a particular area of working with diet trauma, disordered eating and body image struggles you want guidance around?

Are you hoping to shift to more listening to yourself? Feel more comfortable in your clothes, skin, in public?

Enjoy holiday eating with less or no guilt. Just want to not care about what your (fill in the blank) says about weight or food?

Before we begin, take a few minutes to feel into what you desire and answer the following questions.

If you could walk away from this journey having received anything, what would you desire to receive? Imagine the wisdom, tools, words, confidence, skills, connection with like-minded people or something else that you hope to gain and what your journey would like.

If it feels good to you, please send me an email at with your responses. If you feel inspired, I am happy to “hold” them throughout the program.