Something just as vital to our peaceful relationship with weight, health, nervous system health and internal felt sense safety is our relationship with movement, or exercise, as many label it.

Does exercise seems like one of those “best life ever” goals I see from the IG influencers?

We don’t often hear about this directly in non-diet circles because we don’t “need” movement for survival as we do food, but we do feel different when we are physically strong, vital, etc.

However, just like with food, if movement has as an experience of trauma, overwhelm or judgment and pride attached to it, the movement experience or even thinking about moving can make us quite avoidant to move or swing between mental obsession/compulsivity in action back to avoidance again. around exercise.

Do any of these phrases sound familiar?

  • I haven’t found movement that is accessible or “good enough”.
  • It was used as an assignment to get me or prompt me to improve health.
  • I never got a chance to find an activity I enjoy.
  • I feel I have to “love” movement.
  • I don’t know what good enough is.
  • I feel I have to “do it right.”
  • It has to be intense to count. 
  • I have health issues or chronic pain.
  • I’ve been shamed for my size or ability either as a child or an adult.
  • My pattern is to exercise when I’m trying to lose weight.
  • I don’t want to be seen moving in public.
  • Sports, movements, or PE were never fun or even miserable.
  • Body sensations feel too much when I move, possibly from past trauma.
  • It’s all or nothing for me with exercise.    
If you are ready for an unique opportunity to review and heal  your struggles with movement, we are offering :

Freedom from Fear Exercise and Getting Going

This online group coaching class consists of :
* Approximately 1 hour of reading and video content to more deeply understand your relationship with movement: how you got here and how to make changes towards the movement you desire without fear you are heading back into diet culture
* 1 hour coaching call with Tracy Brown, RD,LD/N, Non-diet Trauma-Informed Dietitian, former personal trainer
to review your homework, offer suggestions and provide unconditional positive regard and safe co-regulation as we process barriers to movement
* Replay will be provided and lifetime access granted

If you’ve had enough of the mental patterns, comparing to others, fear of the struggle of sensations, sweating, turning red, doing it wrong, etc that cause movement avoidance, please join us:

Saturday, June 24th at 10am ET on Zoom for this Healing Your Relationship with Exercise class

Cost : $50 

Exertion doesn’t have to create panic or dread anymore.
It is okay to go slow to stay present and safe and re-cover the felt sense of movement being less a threat and even enjoyable.