‘The Beauty Myth’

When people are convinced they know something about your character or worth based on how you look.

That you’re worth is somehow based on beauty and body standards of our culture.

It’s the idea that you’re a failure if you gain weight, and yet applauded when you loose it.

We all know, it’s really just diet culture programming.

It’s by design that you begin to feel bad when you make the design to not diet any more.

We’re led to believe that all our problems will be solved if we just lose weight. And this is perpetuated by healthcare workers who bring weight lose as the solution to any ailment or health concern.

So what happens when we don’t change our mindset around food and body and walk in freedom and wholeness?

The cycle and the trauma is perpetuated.

With every generation that doesn’t feel with their ‘stuff’, it gets inherited.

And every generation that goes by, they become more dissociated and more easily manipulated.

Which, truth be told, is exactly what the diet and beauty industries want.

Check out these video below to dive deeper into diet culture programming, not believing you’re a failure when it comes to weight gain and how to remember who you are when diet culture tries to tell you otherwise.