Case Studies Volume 1

Take a Peak Behind the Non-Diet, Weight Inclusive
Coaching and Counseling Curtain

I remember when I was an intern…

The most relieving parts of the rotations was when you could observe the preceptors.  Or when I was doing ED and IE supervision for the first couple of years and then later in my coach and somatic trainings, being the “client” was a whole lot easier then being the “coach” in practice sessions.

Why is this?

Because we all feel safer and that we have a base to draw from when it’s our turn to be the facilitator. Observation is a powerful way we all learn right?

That being said, how many of you feel like you should know how to guide whomever is in front of you with ease all the time?

If so, take the pressure off yourself!

You are not expected or supposed to know how to handle every situation perfectly; I know I sure don’t.


To be of the best service possible and the best non-diet coach or RD we can be…

We need to be able to navigate much more than teaching the hunger fullness chart or repeat a couple of studies how diets don’t work.

We all need supervision and training to navigate the physical, emotional, relational and cognitive disruptions to our client’s relationship with food and weight that diet culture, disordered eating and early life lack of consistent secure attachment creates.

But you might not think you have the resources or don’t understand the benefits of supervision just yet.

Or maybe you are looking for some “on your own” resources to challenge you to try some new skills with your clients and want to get an idea of how your colleagues address difficult issues such as:

  • Grieving the thin dream
  • Fearful of not getting needs met
  • Being confronted by others about weight gain
  • People who need to talk
  • Client’s who struggle with stable sense of trusting body signals, body size and self
  • Encouraging clients with chronic eating disorders
  • Highly sensitive clients
  • Boundaries in sessions
  • Nuances of intuitive eating
  • Going slow to help progress “stick”
  • And lots more!

However, there is MORE…

If you would like to get an inside view of the experience of someone who has fully recovered from disordered eating, exercise compulsion and has/is doing her own work as well as 12 years plus experience as a trauma integrated nutrition therapist, non-diet, weight inclusive dietitian, I am excited to announce:

Non-Diet Counseling and Decoding Skills
Case Study Series, Volume 1

In this self-paced offering, you get:

  • 3 Case Studies depicting the circumstances of 3 people desiring to heal their relationship with food and body image.
  • A combination of audios of client sessions, de-briefs of the back-stories and after session and why the sessions went how they did and one 15-page transcript of the dialogue back and forth.
  • Focus of Volume 1 revolves around the topics of being heard and fear and grief with body change.
    • Teaching hunger and fullness work to always know how to circle back to the base of body trust
    • Attachment hunger: Understand the grief that comes from not having a base from which body trust would have naturally grown and how integral the non-diet work we do is to establish this.

Today, you can get Volume 1 of my
Non-Diet Counseling and Decoding Skills Case Study Series
for only $49!

What You Will Learn and Grow from with this series:

  • How to know when to slow a client down while still giving them space to tell their story to gather the information you need to have both the details and big picture of how to guide them.
  • Become the steadiness your client’s need when your client’s fears about weight trigger them back into food behaviors that keep looping back into diet culture.
  • Know when to go deeper or when to direct to a safe show back to intuitive eating when a client is disconnected
  • Recognize that when your clients “know” what to do and are savvy it is especially indicative of “the mind knows better but the body is scared” and they need tools to slow down the cellular fear. Tools to accomplish this.

What other professionals have said about
Non-Diet and Decoding Skills Training

"This training has exceeded my expectations - it has forced me to grow. It was hard emotionally for me in some ways, as I realized I had some blind spots (probably more to come!), but I feel much more equipped and ready to move forward. I felt supported, too, which is an incredible feeling."

– Caroline Young, RD

"Tracy is kind, caring and experienced and bring a different nuance to this work in particular through the decoding work. If you want to work with people who are struggling with food, eating and body image issues and want to strengthen and/ or deepening your counselling skills in this area, go for it!"

– Linn Thorstensson, RD

In terms of effective, transformational non-diet counseling and coaching, support and training is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

Non-Diet Counseling and Decoding Skills Case Study Series, Volume 1
can be a missing piece for you today!