I had some of most awe-inspiring conversations with clients last week.  It seemed to be the week of discussing something that affects of all – how or whether what we look like is mirrored back to us.  For better or worse (their words not mine) we want to know that our brand of beauty is seen.

This story-telling always starts at the usual place.  “How was your food this week?”.  We start with a review of hunger and fullness.  How they feel about how they fed themselves, strategies to make getting fed easier, more creative, less pressure, more intention + action if necessary. And of course food decoding (whether they eat too little, too much, how connected they were and then what was going on).

This decoding takes on a life of its own.  Like a meandering creek that turns into a real-deal river, the conversation flows with a mission and you can see it coming. 

They were telling their stories not coming from a place of immense pain as they might have once but from a place of being able to see their histories of body hatred with compassion, the factors that contributed to it with wisdom and the present day resolve to live in this culture at peace with themselves while at this same time vehemently disagreeing with the idea that they are flawed.

It was amazing power at work.  I have been through that process myself but to witness it in others is breath-taking.  I felt like I was granted a gift of living another’s life just by hearing their story.

I want this for you.  I guess I can’t want it for you more than you want it for you.  But everyone should get to feel this clear about how they love-lost-on their way to loving their body again.  I do hope you know your story and I would love to hear about it.

Below, tell us your story of how you are coming to peacefulness with your body and even how attuned eating as helped you with that process.  If you are thinking about this process for yourself know that you are not alone with the fear of getting started but remember that I don’t know anyone who has regretted getting started.

Much Love