Life can quickly become ‘too much’.

There’s a lot happening, friends. Not just in the bigger world at large but each of us have our own things we’re dealing with and working through. It’s easy to get lost in the overwhelm that can come.

And when our body feels like our enemy, it’s just one more thing that we feel we need to battle through.

When we stay in that place of ‘too much’ for too long, we can get swallowed up by it. Today I would like to remind you to find the glimmers around you. Acknowledge that your current situation may be hard, but it’s not all there is. What can you re-orient around that is neutral or even good?

Maybe it looks like acknowledging that your body is simply a container doing the best it can with what it’s been given?

Remember to breathe today. Find space and ground yourself in the reality that you are loved simply for who you are.