If you live in the Western world chances are, unlike the famous Rolling Stones song, it is possible to get what you want (and need).

In this week’s video series, we talked about nourishment barriers and very specific things you can do to move past those and get your needs met. 

Nourishment barriers can come from a variety of places : feeling safe enough, delay in getting needs met, diet culture, the tape loops in our minds – not to mention the emotional components (which I won’t get into this week). 

Tune into this week’s videos as I share with you how you too can know what you need and then see that need met.

How Come Doing Our Best to Get Our Nourishment Needs Met Gets Messy?

When we have access to getting our basic needs met (food, shelter, water, air, and sleep), why is it so hard to actually get your needs met? In this video, I talk about 2 ways that we can struggle to get our needs met and why.

What Makes Eating Supportively Hard?

We all have nourishment barriers (otherwise we would all be getting our needs met). What are you telling yourself or what are you hearing when you begin to advocate for yourself? What tapes are on loop in your head that keep you back?


Installing a Witness to Eat

This tip that I’m sharing in this video may seem simple but I believe it’s very important to helping get past nourishment barriers and it’s this : creating a witness. If we are able to create a compassionate witness within ourselves – you will know what you need to do. You won’t second guess and doubt yourself when you get around those you love who don’t understand your journey.