I hope your holiday season is going well.  I plan to send another post out this week more directly related to food and body image, but today I wanted to share something a little different, though of course it still relates to our relationship with food.

Most of you know or have gathered that a huge part of my work and understanding in helping people heal from weight and food worries is that we must be able to be “in” our body and become emotionally intelligent to heal. Learning that the “good/bad” food rules are based in fear is powerful, however we must be able to know this at the level of the heart and body to really be free.  That is where learning the power and resonance that our bodies emanate is key embodying the shift from fear based living to freedom.

You can help heal your food concerns with such tools as gratitude work done consistently. 

Enjoy this video and research  link for more information about Heart Math.  We are all gathering unspoken information from each other; now we are learning to measure it and I hope this brings you a level of trust in yourself and your body’s wisdom.