Providing, trustworthiness and matters of the heart… what do these things have in common? They are all essential keys to your recovery.

This week’s videos consisted of a word study on some of these nuanced concepts around food and recovery. They’re not always talked about, are not necessarily easy to measure but are important pieces on your recovery journey.  

One sign of being fully recovered from diet culture or an eating disorder is a providing stance or the ability to create a providing environment. What does this mean? Do you have enough food available? Do you have enough time to prepare food and eat it? Do you have the accompanying tools to provide the safety of knowing when your needs are getting met? What does providing for your needs look like to you?

When your food journey began, it probably often felt like your needs wouldn’t get met, and they probably didn’t. Being trustworthy is showing that you’re capable and willing to meet your own needs. One of my goals is to provide tools and tips that help you on this journey, and when you have a tool and choose not to use it, it communicates un-trustworthiness.

Things we say ultimately have the potential to hurt someone else. Taking care of our heart looks like saying, “I have worth and value, even if no one else sees it or recognizes it.’ This speaks to resilience and determination. Those who make it through are those who can see the journey is going to be tough and say, “Let’s do it anyway.’





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