Hello Dear Ones,

People often tell me heartbreaking stories of feeling like they don’t deserve help for many reasons.

People didn’t believe they were “sick enough” based on looking or acting “normal”.

They need to lose weight first.

That everyone diets or worries about their weight.

Or that when they were teens, it was a “phase” they were going through and their struggles with food or body image were minimized.

And worse, being told that care was too expensive and then the message being loud and clear that they weren’t important as expendable income was spent on other non-essentials such as vacations, etc.

Or counseling and nutrition therapy is never offered, but instead, pamphlets for surgery.

Don’t believes any of these LIES.

You deserve help because you are alive, breathing human and what you are doing is not working to allow you to thrive in life.

You don’t need to earn it by being thinner, despite what insurance companies actions show you, health providers comments on “looks like your weight is good” or advice on how you need to avoid certain foods or fill up on others to stop binging. Yeah, I’ve had counselors tell clients to avoid buns on hamburgers so they don’t crave carbs, insert eyeroll.

Just because someone in your life didn’t acknowledge the depth of your mental, emotional or physical suffering, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. You are living it. Debate over.

You do not deserve it only when someone can clearly see you need help.  

Struggles with food and weight at all sizes and behaviors are code language that very few people understand. I know that ED’s and chronic dieting are a a way of saying, ” I need something/help, please see me because I cannot say what feels like so much”.

Do not, I beg you, do not try to lose weight as a last horray before you start treatment. That just gives you more of a hole to dig out of and still doesn’t make you more worthy of needing support.

If you are obsessing about your health, weight, feeling perfectionistic or all or nothing about food, fitness or weight, you deserve help.

These are not just “habits’ you can stop.  

If you feel like you’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts and been “doing” intuitive eating or recovery for a while and still binging or restricting, then you need to allow yourself to get help.

We have to build a new neural pathway in relationship to help those old stories and pieces be seen and integrated so that you are the one driving the bus of your life, not the fear and the voices of “you should be over this by now” and “what is people don’t think you’re special/disciplined/etc anymore”.

You deserve not to be triggered back into wanting to diet every time you see people talking about keto, fasting or whatever new thing is popular today. You deserve resilience and knowing how to trust yourself.  

You do not need to wait to lose weight to start getting help with Intuitive Eating. That’s the voice of diet culture telling you that worrying about your weight is normal and when you get the body , then your self esteem and life will get better.

What you deserve is to feel better and safe in your body now.

There is help at the level you need. Let yourself ask.

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I’m celebrating that with you what I finally learned during my recovery. We don’t change at the level that we used to survive. Relationship literally saved me and I hope you know relationship is what you deserve as well.


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