How do you know when your mis-attunement or disordered eating is at the point where you need help?

One thing I’ve seen is that there is confusion around when the line has been crossed where you ‘officially’ need help.

What my team and I (and all of those in the intuitive eating space) offer is so counter to the mind control of diet culture that there can be confusion around needing to look a certain way or that it’s only those with ‘extreme’ behaviors that need help.

The truth is – any amount of feeling mistuned to your body’s signals or distress around eating is worthy of deserving care.

.5% of mistuned eating I worth seeking and receiving support for.

Eating ‘well’ all week and then binging on the weekend is still disordered eating.

Not only the extreme cases are worthy of care.

The question becomes, ‘how long will you lack agency and the ability to fully take food in before you advocate for yourself?