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When we are trying to eat more, become more attuned, eat with more presence (even if we feel emotional) or any of the many of areas of eating disorder recovery, improving health or body esteem or spiritual growth you might be in the midst of, I think we all get tired.  Frustrated.  Feel Stuck.

And from my professional and personal experiences, there are usually a couple of issues involved that get us feeling like things aren’t improving.

1)  We are trying too hard.  We have this belief that if I just do the food journaling, take the food risks or buy clothes that fit the body I have, I will just move on to the next step, next week.  Like now.

We all forget sometimes that this is a process and lose patience.  Our suffering is created by expecting the process for the length of time recovery and changing OUR WHOLE LIFE will take be in a straight line.  It is an ebb and flow;  easy changes and challenging mountains to summit.

2)  We haven’t fully let go.  Full freedom with food (no food judgements or guilt) can be a bit allusive if we have not at least made a peace treaty with our body size.  Maybe you are afraid that if you are okay (or eventually even like) with your body, you won’t lose weight or improve health.  

This is not how it works.  We are more likely to discover our natural weight and eat and move in ways that enhance our health if we stop the hate.   Children don’t grow under the shadow of resentment and as adults, neither will our self-worth.

If you are stuck, it is because there is something more that you need to know.  To release.  It may already be something you know needs to happen.   Sit quietly with yourself and ask.   If you need more support, get it.  If you need more love, allow it.

Don’t allow stuck-ness to talk you into going back to dieting or disordered eating.  It will get you more of what you have gotten.  It’s time for something new.  Patience.  Being flexible with your weight.  Taking risks.  Hope.

Tell us more about where you are stuck.  It’s likely someone reading has been there and in the comments below, might share.

Much Love