We are tired.  Tired of the fight against our bodies and our hungers.  

We want to be free but return to the restriction, again and again.  It’s the normal we have known, many of us all of our lives.  The spark is in there that eating is normal, we just have don’t know the path back to that inner wisdom.

Even if you don’t feel like you restrict food, restrictive thinking and feeling you should creates mistrust in your eating and yourself.

So we do the brave one path.  We set out to eat a little more freely and dip our toe in the water.  It feels exhilarating and scary as heck!  

It is not our fault that we run back to the diet again.  Dieting contains emotion and holds in the fear of being rejected for being ourselves.

It is the conditioning that teaches us to take the edges off our hungers by counting portions, grams, calories…

Diet culture teaches if you just employ enough will-power you can over-come mother nature and be good enough.

And after a while, you get used to the hunger and the numbness. However, that flame never fully goes out.   We get hungry and tired and binge out of the containment, caught in the bind of being good vs being free.

Finally, we start to awaken.  If you are like me, not willingly, but forced by the shear chaos of it all.  

So how do we honor our hungers, make peace with, “yes we do have needs” and accept that “the changing the body game” only drains our full participation in life?

Join me below as we discuss unraveling restrictive conditioning.  I would love to hear your comments.

​What is one way you can reject restrictive thinking that creates food restriction and the accompanying deprivation-driven or binge eating?

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