A big part of full food recovery is being able to honor what you want to eat.

But if we continually find ourselves over or under-reaching for certain foods and not feeling satisfied, this tells us we’re not getting our needs met in other areas of our life.

Where you don’t get satisfaction you’ll seek through food

Diet culture says, ‘Food is just a means to an end – to lose weight or to be healthier, etc. It’ doesn’t matter what you want as long as you have the right body to avoid rejection and pain.’

We’ll never be satisfied by taking in things we don’t really need or want.

Your Too Much / Not Enough Foods Reflect what other needs aren’t getting met

There’s a direct correlation between the foods that we take in too much or not enough of and our needs getting met in other areas of our lives.

For example : if you’re eating sweet foods past the point of satisfaction, here are you lacking sweetness and the emotions it elicits in your life?

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