We’re kicking off the new year and diving in deep. In this week’s videos, we were confronting the cultural norms around fat phobia and what we can do to stand in opposition to those norms and find true freedom.

The Reasons Fat Phobia is Hard to Shake

Recovery and overcoming fat phobia takes time and sometimes we attach to something that is hurtful to us. So how do we shake fat phobia?

Your Significance Isn’t Rooted in Your Body Size

If someone shames your body it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you or your body? And when you’re operating in fight, flight or freeze, is there something wrong with you or are you simply responding to their trauma?


The Fastest Way to have a Bad Body Day…

The fastest way to tank your day is to start measuring. If you don’t have the support to work through what comes after the measuring, you probably shouldn’t do it.