Hello dear ones,

It seems that diet talk is everywhere… and especially noticeable when you are breaking free from food and weight obsession.  It’s always been there; we just notice more when we have stepped out of the old paradigm of fully believing we can’t be happy unless we weigh less.  Or we can only be healthy with “perfect eating” or losing weight.

When I briefly worked in clinical dietetics, I worked with some amazing nurses.  I enjoyed my time working with them however, there were days that were frustrating when the newest diet started and the talk in the break room would revolve around food — what wasn’t being eaten, anal leakage (yeah ,that was back in the orlistat fat blocking days that caused you know what to leak, yuck) pounds lost and gained.

What to do?

*Recognise that everyone has a choice, even if we don’t agree.  It would be great if all people enjoyed food, didn’t put themselves or others down based on weight but we aren’t there.  We all go through different stages in this making peace with food journey and especially at the beginning, we are going to want others to go along with us because it’s less threatening for us and we don’t want to feel alone.  

This is natural.  We don’t need to judge ourselves for that, just understand that the more we focus on how our lives improve with intuitive eating, the less we need to have others on board with us to feel comfortable.  It sure is nice, but not a requirement.

*If you eat with others, become the master of the redirect.  I became really good when someone would want to say more than a sentence or two about their diet and redirect with  so how was that movie/trip/weekend went?

*Whenever I had openings discuss Intuitive Eating in a neutral way and being free with food has freed up my
life.  Discuss the journey and that you were scared too and though not all free, yet, have received so much by letting go of control.

Enjoy my video below where I talk more about noticing the nuances that come up for you.  Remember,  other people diets don’t have to trigger you.   You can ground yourself in your journey of doing what is best for you.  If you are getting caught up in missing dieting, get curious about what you miss.

If you are struggling navigating these situations and getting sucked back in, don’t go it alone.  I would be happy to chat with you about strengthening your new “neuropathways of non-dieting” and creating more capacity to feel worthy of a fuller life.

All my love,