Hi Friends, We live in a time where generations have been made to believe that the only way to be happy, healthy, successful and acceptable to ourselves and through others is losing weight. It doesn’t seem to matter how it’s marketed, purposeful weight loss promises the end to most of our problems. I bet you are here because trying to lose weight to feel better or more comfortable in your own skin just temporarily “works”. And by that I mean, you can get smaller but you realize some truths. You can’t disappear enough to out run your lack of safety, confidence and lack of peace you have felt in your life. Feeling like you are never enough or are too much. That even though you know a ton about nutrition, you don’t feel mentally, physically or emotionally healthy, in touch or trusting with your body or able to just “be”. I’m so glad you are here visiting www.tracybrownrd.com where I share the deep nuances of what gets in our way from true peace with food and weight and how we can reclaim a healthy relationship with our bodies and ourselves as well as learn to build safety in ourselves to be more resilient and self-compassionate. All these abilities: body trust, attuned eating, seeing a wide range of beauty, capacity to handle stress and being “good” with being imperfect rounds out what I would call true health. A number on the scale could never measure any of this. If you are still thinking that weight loss will help you, let me ask you this.  When you did weigh less, did all the things you thought would get better or settle in your life actually happen? I have a couple of ways to learn more and get to know each other: 1) Enjoy these free case studies with tips how to have freedom from food and weight worries: http://bit.ly/2IfVZp2bodypeace 2) Put to use today these action resources to help you learn about eat without being obsessed or on a diet or worrying about your weight: http://www.tracybrownrd.com/free-gifts 3) Introduce yourself here http://bit.ly/tracybclaritycall
It takes a lot of courage to consider breaking up with diet culture, worrying about what everyone else thinks and recovering from weight and food worries. I’m happy to share my experience and journey with you. Sincerely
Tracy PS:  Enjoy this video where I’m waxing skeptical about the National Weight Loss Control Registry

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