Think about this…

What would it be like if we could remember/realize that when we’re made to feel afraid or ashamed of our body’s functions or how it looks, that it could be based on someone else’s shame, fear, trauma body experiences? What if it actually had nothing to do with you?

What if we could separate ourselves from others trying to control their own stuff?

One thing that’s important to remember in this is that there is different types of shame – purposeful and inadvertent.

Purposeful shaming is often at the hands of diet culture under the guise of help and care.

Inadvertent tends to come from those closest to us, whether currently or when we were younger, trying to control their own traumas and fears. For example – when someone pats their belly and says, ‘I could afford to lose a few pounds.’

This wasn’t directed at you but this thought – because they are someone you love and trust – becomes neuro-bound in our system and communicates that if we are ever ‘that’ then we’re not loved and accepted. 

Make sense?

So my encouragement or assignment for you is to work on separating what is yours to deal with and what is other people’s perceptions or fears, trauma, experiences that they’re working through.

How freeing would it be!?!?