This week we talked all about boundaries – with diet culture, ourselves and others. See, diet culture wants to convince you (and they’re pretty convincing) that we, as humans, are incapable of controlling our bodies. So, we need them to HELP us control our bodies. 

The reality (and truth) is that our bodies have their own natural boundary and containment system – it’s called our stomach – and it’s perfectly capable of telling us how much capacity it has as any given point and time. With that fact, we get to set boundaries with diet culture.

Setting boundaries with ourselves – probably the hardest boundary to keep – but you’re worth it. Check out video #2 (The Hardest Boundary to Keep) to learn more about giving yourself opportunities to uphold your boundaries and trust yourself.

And then we talk about boundaries with others. As we’re on our journey of food recovery and creating new neuropathways, it can be a great choice to remove yourself from situations where diet talk and body shaming are happening. Not everyone gets or understands that, but the boundaries you have with other people’s food stuff will ultimately affect your boundaries around food and for yourself.