Understanding why / what we’re doing with food and care can help us eliminate a ton of time and frustration spinning our wheels in food recovery.

In today’s blog, I want to bring clarity, insight and strategy to help you feel more self-compassion and to make sense of some of the long-held struggles.

When it comes to the pieces that we always seem to come back to – things get better and then worse and go back and worth and we struggle to maintain consistency – I’d like to suggest that a nourishment barrier may be the culprit.

In this cycle, we recognize that our needs are triggering us and causing us inconsistencies in our ability to get and receive care. Possibly recognition and acting on our needs have led us to being disappointed.

When we’re consistent in that place of not getting care, we can develop a tricky relationship with getting and receiving care.

So ask yourself, ‘What triggers me to minimize my needs?’.