Thanks for joining me on my blog re-launch.  If you have followed me before, thanks for hanging in there and believing I had something to offer.  If you are new, welcome!  I strive to provide hope and practical information from my personal  journey and professional experience as a nutrition therapist.

Some of the topics we will cover will be:

·         Free yourself from chronic dieting

·         Recovery from anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorders

·         Intuitive Eating

·         Learning how to stop over-exercising or being hesistant to getting moving

·         Flourishing in a weight-focused culture

·         Putting some practicality behind the research relating to all the above J

·         If you so choose, how to get to loving yourself, including your body size

·         Personal growth—I’ve learned some pretty cool stuff from healers from all over

·         Sharing actual questions and answers from clients and families

·         Healing your relationship with food so you can be your own nutrition expert

·         “Truths” from me, aka, self-disclosure.  Just so you know that I still have stuff to figure out.

·         And lots more!

Let’s begin.

So really, why do people come to nutrition therapy?  Many people come because they want to be free from feeling out of control around their food and hope they won’t have to gain weight and some have a goal to lose weight.

Recovery from years of dieting and eating disorders starts with taking a risk.  Once we realize that controlling the food (whether literally or having a good/bad food belief system) is the very thing causing so much suffering, we must let go, even a little, to the “weighing less agenda”.  It’s not to say that some people, once they weight stabilize, won’t weigh less after the body has recovered from restricting/dieting or binging. 

Even if you still have weight-loss wishes, it’s okay.  As long as you are willing to get yourself re-nourished and have a bit of flexibility with your weight, you will have taken a huge step forward.

Tweetable:  To fully recover from eating disorders, emotional eating and chronic dieting, we must release the weight-loss agenda to heal

I want to hear from you.  If you are just starting out with changing your relationship with food and weight, what risks do you need to take in terms of fears about weight changes If you have been on your journey a while, please share what risks you took and how’s it going?

You are more powerful than you know.

Much love, Tracy