Hi Friends,

I hope you are well! Today, I just want to dive right in and talk about needs.

I recently did a FB LIVE where I described how my daughter provided me with a teaching point about how to reframe how much as adults we think we need calorically.

One of the viewers of the video said this,

” Timely for me because I didn’t even realize how much I try to talk myself out of needing/eating and this was so important for me to hear right now. Even completely unrelated to food, like when I need rest, or a hug, or quiet, or alone time. Those are all so hard for me. “

So how to make accepting our needs easier? Besides the points made in the video, we can work towards acceptance in a couple of way:

You can watch it here:

1) Again, remember, it is not healthy nor a badge of worth or honor to be able to deny our needs.

We may have tried to do that to suppress vulnerability, to numb emotions, to prove to our doctors that we were trying to improve health by weighing less and be seen as “good” even if our bodies weren’t approved of….

2) Your success in life is not defined by how good a job you do at dieting.

This goes along with point number 1. You cannot erase the fact that your body needs x amount of energy (calories) per day. You can deny it, but there are consequences to pursuing a smaller body.

3) And always remember, whether it is packaged as wellness, health or just flat out fat prejudice, plans, programs, etc that try to get you to believe that eating below your needs is perfectly fine or healthy or will improve your confidence are just really good at getting you to believe your body is a problem and the ends justify the means.

Basically, the dieting industry does not care about the big picture. Or the carnage on your life that happens when you get hooked on dieting or an eating disorder develops or is exacerbated by the idea that calorie counting to a certain level is normal or healthy.

4) Finally, you may have felt in the past that your needs don’t matter.

That people don’t see you or can’t be there in the way you need. That really stinks and I’m sorry. It can make you feel you don’t deserve to get your needs met, not just with food, but with play, rest, connection or for life to go well.

Don’t believe those lies.

Start catching where you talk to yourself like that and answering back in the adult, compassionate, sensitive, full of integrity and grit person you are that you are worth more than just getting your foods needs met.

Your needs are inherent.

The conditioning of needing only a certain amount of food is not.

Much love and peaceful eating,

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