Getting our needs met – whether by ourselves or from others – is a key to our eating recovery journey. For different reason, at different times, our needs don’t get met. We can struggle with our worth and identity and feel shame about having needs or maybe we have needs from others that they are unable to meet.

Whatever the reason might be that our needs don’t get met, learning why we ignore hunger cues or how we respond when others don’t meet our needs will help us navigate this journey of healing. 


Putting Off Hunger

Why do we ignore hunger cues? Many times it’s tied to our worth and shame around having and getting our needs met. Find peace in the fact that you are human and that you have needs – shame doesn’t get a piece of who you are.

The Explicit Gift Not Putting Off Needs Sends

You can find power in making the choice to NOT put off your needs. What message is it sending to yourself when YOU choose to be there for YOU?


What Can I Do if My Needs Can’t Get Met?

Sometimes we come across our needs to being able to be met by others – not because they don’t want to but maybe because they don’t have the capacity. Can you let yourself grieve those times? Can you let yourself feel the feelings around your needs not getting met and then giving them a landing pad and letting them (yourself) know that you are there.