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Hi all
I have just a quick thought today, so I apologize for the shortness (or maybe some of you appreciate that 😉

I see time and time again where a client will be able to eat more intuitively for a bit and then, disappointment if they have a thought to diet (or have some other eating disordered thoughts, good/bad food thoughts, etc).  

Becoming an attuned eater is a process.  Often times it takes a little investigating within ourselves on how come you might be having good days or rough days with eating what you really want without guilt.

  What is derailing you?

One of the biggest reasons I see when people get a bit overwhelmed is when they realize there are fears about letting go of the desire to be thinner.  It can not only be about grieving the dream of what a person once believed thinness would bring them, but not knowing who they are, what they want or what their life will look like if they used energy to focus on a life without being using thinness as social currency.

What I mean by social currency is hoping to buy approval by losing weight.  It might work, but at what cost to you; your life, deeper self-worth and trust in the motives of others you might like your smaller body size.  But how much do they know and like you?

Author, speaker and coach Tara Mohr wrote a great article last week that talked about the “hooks” that we can fall into looking for approval.  This is a great read!


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