Hi all,

In times of tragedy, it can be hard to know what is yours to do.  Sometimes we get swept up in the negativity and absorb it; I say this  because I am pretty sure a large percentage of people who follow me are sensitives of some variety.  So yes, we do what we can through our voices and actions.

One of the actions that comes to mind is doing our own inner work.  This is what Attuned Eating is all about.  Getting clear about what my needs are, being willing to say yes and no to the food in the amounts we need and not giving ourselves a hard time if we wait too long or eat past comfort, whether purposely or unconciously or not.  The goal here is learning and living with yourself with food and your body in alignment with what is yours to do.  To make food struggles not a life-long legacy.   To be free.

All of this being said, the video posted below was spontaneous, as “fullness” seemed to be the topic from my clients that day, so I will share two introductory ways to “get in there” with honoring fullness cues.  Just a friendly reminder, if you are coming off a dieting/eating less than you need hunger and fullness cues will not be accurate.  You will need to spend some time being getting renourished first before your body has increased it’s metabolic rate and eased out of the trauma of being on a diet.

Please let me know if do these two exercises and even better, leave me a comment below or email at tracybrownrd@gmail.com  with your experiences to help us all!

Until next time..

Peaceful Eating,