In recovery, I believe we can become weary in the doing the good. We can get side tracked or bogged down in it all.

When this happens, it’s time to go back to the truth, to the foundational pieces of recovery. We can get to a point where we need to reorient ourselves around some of these truths in order to continue on the journey.

Let’s chat about 2 of these truths.

Two Truths in Food Recovery to Come Back to

  1. For when you’re feeling weary about your progress
    The first thing I want you to do is to consider 2020 – the present and all that has happened. It really is an accomplishment that you’ve made it this far. We’ve all experienced a collective fight / flight / freeze that has made us tired. Not to mention all of us who have been, and continue to work through our own trauma responses at the same time.

    So if you’re feeling frustrated by your lack of progress in your recovery, remember what we’ve all gone through and that it’s okay to rest when you need to.

    Another thing to consider is the ebb and flow of life. It’s kind of like an accordion. There’s a push and a pull. Some seasons will go faster, some slower and some you’ll be tested in more than others.

    This notion can be challenging for those of us who have a vision for where we want our lives to go. A seeming lack of progress can cause us to kick ourselves because we’re not moving fast enough. There is a delicate balance between knowing what you want your life to look like and taking steps towards that and kicking yourself because you’re not getting there fast enough.
  2. Holding onto resources
    When I look back on my own recovery, I can recognize what I was doing when I was doing my best and what I was doing in my life when I was at my worst.

    When I was at my worst, I was going too fast, over-producing and people pleasing for people that weren’t committed to me and my recovery.

    When I was doing my best, I was plugged into community, utilizing resources and staying true to my values.

    And in my seasons when I wasn’t doing well, I wasn’t plugged in, wasn’t using the resources I had and I let my values slip. I wasn’t actively putting in the work to make these things a priority.

    So remember to use what you have. Take advantage of the things that are in front of you and hold fast to the values that you have. Being committed to putting in the work will propel you forward when you begin to feel stuck, tired and weary.

Let’s dive deeper into these topics in the two videos below…

If you would like to find community, please visit the Peaceful Eating Community. This community is now a faith-based, donation only community where we come alongside each other to encourage, uplift and spur each other on.

If you would like additional resources, please visit the Resources page of this site for books and materials that I recommend.