If belonging is what we truly want and long for, why do we find ourselves going back to diet culture and trying to fit in?

We know that true belonging doesn’t exist in diet culture.

In order to fit in and belong there, we must be willing to meet their standards of exercise, food and beauty.

(Just a little hint in case you need reminded, those standards are unattainable and unsustainable in the long term and it will never equal true belonging.)

Because true belonging comes when we can fully be ourselves no matter what we eat, look like or how much we move in one day.

I think for most of us we can say we know that beauty and attraction and how much we move or how little we eat has anything to do with us as moral humans. You’re not a superior human when you meet all those benchmarks that are required in diet culture.

However, when we have wounds around love, security and belonging, this can be hard to actually believe (even when we know it in our head).

When we have a deficit of belonging, we will look anywhere that appears to provide what we’re looking for.

Even when we know it’s not going to supply what we’re looking for.