​We all go through them yearly on small stages (vacations, school ending and starting) and big stages (puberty, motherhood, new job, ending relationships).

And of course our bodies will forever be changing. When we are attuned and in flow with change, we can adjust and live in a new Normal. Unfortunately, We are taught to try to control this and changing bodies are seen as something bad is happening. 

The good news is, we can reclaim agency around food and body. Not control , but internal knowing a “felt sense” about what we need when we need it. 

So how do we keep up with our desire to let go of diets and other strategies that no longer serve during transitions, when are brains seem to be screaming we better run, get it “right” or we freeze and forget what’s important to us? 

Let’s check in together to slow down, bring your self-compassion and notice what we might need to feel or so to be more in charge during life transitions.

Much care,