Hello Everyone!

I hope your week has started off well.  

There is no exact season for change; we all go through them.

We’ve all changed grades, seen people come and go, moved, started new job or business, we go from getting our first cycle to menopause,  people are born or pass; you get the picture.

Transition IS Life.  

And for those of us who have struggled with food and weight worries as the external way of navigating those transitions or uncertainties, I first want to say:

Don’t shame yourself.  It’s the not worst thing in the world.  We just want to learn other ways that don’t have side effects.

Do how do we do this?

Watch today’s video as  I share a few tips to bring more self care in and avoid what I call the “clamp down”.  

That constriction we can do to put our head down to avoid with not eating, only eating or over or under functioning to survive, versus being emotional surfers of the moment.

Tell me what you do when you are in transition and don’t want to count, obsess or eat to soothe?

Here is that tip video:


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Whether you binge/emotional eat or not, it has lots of tips on how to re-organized your efforts to be more grounded and emotionally clear about what needs to happen for all food and body talk behaviors to dissipate.

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If you are in a transition right now, I hope it was a smooth one.

Find your feet and check in,

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