I’ve been creating weekly videos on the vast and nuanced topic of intuitive eating for many years now.

From thinking our butt is to big, to anxiety and hunger to shame reducing tools, here are the top 4 videos of all time…

My Butt is too Big!?!?

‘I would feel better and have more control if my butt wasn’t so big.’

I heard this in a session with a client once. We talked through this desire and she received a major revelation by the end.

Check it out in this video and I hope it brings insight and encouragement to you on your food recovery journey.

What Happened when I didn’t Eat Fruits & Veggies for 6 Months?

What Happened When I did NOT Eat Fruits or Veggies for 6 Months?

This was a real life experiment I when I was in dietetics and nutrition school.

I found myself eating fruits and veggies because it was what I was supposed to be doing, and I was hating it.

So I stopped.

And here’s what happened.

How to Separate Anxiety from Hunger

We feel hunger in the same places that we feel anxiety and somatic responses so it can be hard when our food and trauma responses are overcoupled.

Let’s chat about knowing what’s hunger and what’s anxiety and what to do after that.

The Best Tool to Help you Reduce Shame Around Eating

The Rain Stick

This is a nervous system regulating tool I learned from one of my teachers many years ago that helped me immensely.

And I hope it helps you too.