Hello dear ones,

I just finished my cookies and coffee breakfast so writing this feels extra fun today!  The cookies ​were the only thing I had around the house that sounded good.  Frankly, I can’t get myself to eat anything that I don’t want anymore!

Just wanted to say thank you for you extra allowance this week in your inbox.  If you are participating in the FB live this week, each day at 4pm eastern, so much thanks!  Each day is different around a theme of progression in the intuitive eating process and we spoke a little bit about www.attunedeatingforattunedliving.com for those interested.

Okay, on to the post!

So sad is the belief that most hold that we are either eating “For nutrition” or eating “bad”.  Our bodies are in a constant state of flow and change and really do respond to how we think and feel about food.

Our bodies do take the most from what they can from anything we eat and nearly all foods have “value”.

And let us not forget the “value” of pleasure.  The joy, the connection, celebration and play of eating delicious food of any kind in an attuned and present way.

Whether it be broccoli or cake, enjoy all your food.  Believing that a food is good or bad puts meaning on it that it does not inherently have and creates stress and guilt that is unnecessary.

So, for a day, suspend judgement of food, allow yourself to eat food with listening only to the feedback from your body vs the old, fear based thoughts from the past.  This is the way we learn how to truly be our own nutrition experts and eat with pleasure at the same time.

If you need more help with this process, I am at your service.  Connect with me at tracybrownrd@gmail.com to chat on how I can help you get pleasure and value from all you eat.

So sincerely