Question: How do we NOT get so affected by the judgements of other people about body image, weight etc.. ??

Answer: Maybe it will cause an emotion to arise. And our job is to stop turning away from our own reflections in disgust or fear of change and

1). Do the body trauma work of allowing the rejection to be soothed and met. Learn how to decode feeling uncomfortable inside.

2). Not agree anymore that there is a better body ascetically to have

3). Say something to your own fear. To others commments about others’ bodies or your own.

I know this is deep, challenging, brave work.


This week’s videos focused on the nuances of body image. It’s not a black-and-white journey. Learn to have ‘soft eyes’ towards yourself and keep going. 


How do you hold space for your feelings and emotions around your body image journey and allowing other people to have their own opinions?


We live in a fallen world where people make money off of and try to convince us that there is only one ‘good’ body type. We all know that isn’t true. In this video, we talk about how you can heal body image in the midst of a culture that convinces us larger bodies are bad.

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