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Hello loves

In the US , and probably reverberating beyond, there is  INTENSITY.  Some are bereft, some relieved, some confused and praying for the best.  All I know is that I had to re-ground myself to make sense of the division and act first from love, as I aim to always do.    I choose loving action:  ruminating makes my nervous system shut down.

Through healing our relationship with food and body we get stronger.  Stronger to do our important work in the ways that are ours to do.  Your work right now especially is to continue to look at the ways we abandon, judge and see ourselves short for fear it will make others uncomfortable.

This week is also Thanksgiving in the US, so for some , we look forward to the celebration but the food is scary because we don’t yet trust our bodies.  For others, we flat dread the situations we might feel we have to face.

This will mean preparing yourself for the family meals with how you will respond to people making comments about bodies, negative food talk and disordered eating you might notice around you.  To prepare for eating next week, you will need to plan to eat enough to not check out or binge and ground prior to leaving for your destination or your guests coming in.  

Your job right now may be more rest, taking a break from doing and play, sit the in the sunshine and notice all that is going well, not what is not as you think it should be.

If you haven’t yet gotten your preparation guide where I speak of this, gift yourself Eating Support to Thrive During the Holidays.  It’s 45 min of getting your meals and boundaries set so food can be more enjoyable and you don’t have to be shell-shocked if someone makes negative remarks about food and weight.  You are filled up with yourself.  http://www.tracybrownrd.com/help-for-the-holidays.html

For parents of those struggling with food concerns, check out this new article for supporting those you love.

Finally, make sure you join me Tuesday Nov 22 at 8pm for a last minute q an a about making Thanksgiving have more grateful and less stress.  Would love to see you there!

Thank you for reading and watching.  I keep doing this work because it is mine to do and  I honor those who keep reaching and trusting that freedom to live at home in our bodies is possible.   I am grateful to you for what you offer in this world; it does matter.

Please let me know, what ways do you plan to get yourself grounded right now?  Any specific questions about holiday eating coming up?  I save questions and answer them on future videos so I will get back to you.

All my best,