“I’m so overwhelmed – I know where I want to be but there is so much going on that I can’t even find a day to get food or schedule appointments. I rarely regularly have time to settle myself and stay grounded. HELP!”

Let’s begin by taking action…

Image of woman laying on bed and covering her eyes. Text says "Are you too stressed out, checked out to take action?"

Does this sound familiar? This is the story of someone who came to be and asked if I would share her story to provide insight and input for others who may be in a similar situation.

Before we go any further, let’s talk about spoons.

Let’s say you have 10 spoons (spoons being the amount of things you are responsible for). Suddenly, you find yourself with 12 spoons but you only have the capacity for 10 spoons. What do you do?

Slow down and get clear to avoid a threat response.

How much of other people’s stuff am I taking on?

What do I actually have the capacity to do well?

What can you move forward with that has lasting value? (Not every spoon if of the same value.)

Learning to negotiate your spoons will allow you the capacity to be consistently taking action in the direction of your values. This will allow you to steer clear on threat responses which often times lead to deprivation.

If you’re consistently feeling overwhelmed, that you’re spinning and possibly procrastinating on things of real importance – taking action can look like finding daily activities that will nurture the future you.

Here’s the thing, it can be hard to find the edge between what overwhelms us and what is actually a risk worth taking.

Don’t be afraid to step into things that feel overwhelming. Maybe it feels overwhelming because they’re new but are steps towards your goals and values. Sometimes taking action is the best thing we can do. But let’s make sure we’re taking action towards the things that really count and not just maintaining diet culture standards.