This week on my Facebook page we talked about some audience questions about supportive eating and ‘play food’, body image healing and I’m pulling a video out of the vault where I talk about how I didn’t eat fruits or vegetables for an entire six months. You heard that right – I didn’t eat fruits or vegetables – as a dietitian student in college, because I just didn’t want to. My hope is that these videos meet you in your journey this week and help you along the way. 

If we’re restricting in our diet, it can feel like emotional eating when we’re eating ‘play foods’. Many times we do this when we’re not eating enough. It’s important to be looking for food variety and to allow yourself to eat enough so that eating ‘play foods’ doesn’t feel like a big deal and doesn’t seem like an ’emotional’ choice.

Check out this series of videos I did in 2018 on healing our body image. You can find the rest of the series on my YouTube channel. 

In this video, I am going to show you how I learned to eat fruits and vegetables only when or if I LIKE them, not because diet culture says it’s a healthy eating habit or would help me lose weight. I know you might be struggling with this too. Eating vegetables because they are lower carbohydrates or because the eating disorder says it makes you more disciplined or healthy. But what if making yourself eat them only makes you more obsessive, binge and overall less healthy?

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