Hi friends, 
Hope you are well today and spring is springing. Something good to orient too, yes?
Can I share that I think you all are incredible too?
I say this because, given the sample size of the folks who have done supervision or non-diet trauma training with me, the wisdom, curiosity and passion from you all gives me so much hope for the general population out there that if they would just take the risk to see you all, they would be in safe, competent hands.
That being said, I also want to share a long overdo congratulations to many of you.
I see many of you becoming willing to erect and hold boundaries with over-functioning, people-pleasing and being over-responsible for people’s progress and move into serving at higher levels by getting supervision, charging appropriate fees, taking breaks and not fitting in one more person on a Friday night at 5 (not that I have never done this before).
This is all a big deal!
Being able for your “yes” or “no” to be a real yes or no breathes life into your work and enthusiasm to see even the most complex cases, offering more co-regulation to them.
Are you dreading some parts of your work or day?
Let’s talk about it at our next supervision session on how to make room for the changes you need and want in your work!
Tuesday, April 27th at 4:00PM ET. for group supervision

You can register at https://embodieddietitian.com/product/online-group-coaching/ and I will send out zoom links for those who register if that gets lost in the shuffle.