Hi all,

I didn’t think I would have time to write this before the holidays, but I really feel it’s important, so scooched some things over to make it happen.

The busyness of the holidays and people who are not ready or willing to see that diet culture does so much harm are running at high octane disconnection these last couple of days.

And because you all are aware and sensitive to this with your eyes being open, I want to help you not get sucked in to other’s projections, expectations and pace of doing.

All that being said, before you lean back into the autopilot of emotional under or over eating for comfort, know that any thoughts you have about food being too much or your body being too much are your brain’s way of managing the BODY stress and memory.

So the body comes first.  The body prepares for fight, flight, people pleasing and freezing through what you feeling from the environment and if we are not grounded and use our tools MORE, we are apt to notice one or many of the following things:

Body Signs of Overwhelm and We Need to Ground ASAP:

  • Feeling disconnected/ floating off
  • Believing we don’t belong
  • Feel you have to smile and talk with everyone
  • Want to hide
  • What do people think about me?
  • Obsessing about details
  • Feeling irritable about what food people bring or how they eat
  • Feeling that eating is not an option
  • Constant busyness
  • Can’t focus, remember or hear well
  • There are more (email me and we can add this to the list)

These body signs are happening before or as the thoughts or actions about eating or not occur.

The eating/body bashing is a after effect of the somatic occurrences to bring ourselves back to something that seems real or manageble.

The thing is, we can build a new autopilot of care and attention.

Here are three things you can do BEFORE you get hit with shame spirals and feeling out of control with food or body image thoughts:

1)  Plan in quiet time by yourself every day!  Imperative.  You can’t get ahead of anything if you don’t know where you are staring from

2) During meals, parties, events, stressful people, etc.  TAKE BREAKS.  Take a bathroom vacation to get grounded.  Get outside.  

3)  Orient before any event, etc to what can go right.  How you are going to be in charge of your recovery eating.  How people’s issue with weight is theirs, not yours.  How there is no magical weight gain food.  Look for the good.

I hope this quick article helps and be sure to check out the video that shares more nuggets below as well.


Much care this holiday season.  I wish the best for you this week and all weeks and that you can look back over this year and see how far you’ve come.

Much love

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