Seasons change and so do our schedules. Many of us have kiddos heading back to school or maybe you find yourself heading back to the office after a stint of working from home or maybe a meeting was moved to a different day of the week. Whatever the case may be, having a schedule that changes can throw us off when it comes to food recovery. We might feel that we don’t want to micro-manage our food schedule but planning ahead and working backwards can ensure that we are making plans to be nourished throughout the day. 

If we want our bodies to trust that we’re going to eat enough food consistently, we have to have a plan to get fed.

Here are some things to think about :

• make an assessment of when you will need to get groceries. Don’t let it go too long before buying and you feel there is nothing there to satisfy you

• map out your day and reverse-engineer it so that you can know when the most opportune times to eat will be

Many times we can have a schedule that we are not completely in control of. That’s okay. It’s also okay to not allow your environment to steal your food agency.