Shame is never a fun topic to talk about but is a crucial piece to our recovery if we want true, long-lasting freedom. When shame is tied to our food and our body, we begin to think that it’s not our behavior or habits that need redirected but that we, as individuals, are bad and that it is unsafe for us to exist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Diet culture tells us that if we have enough will power, you’ll be able to change your body and then be accepted which will then tear down any shame. In reality, shame is combatted in relationship with others and with healthy co-regulation. 




Food & Body Shame Over-Coupled with Trauma

Do you have a failure recording that tells you, ‘I can’t’, ‘It’s impossible’, or ‘This won’t work’? Many of us have experienced food and body shame that is over-coupled with trauma. This leads to a failure recording, emotional responses and the desire to disappear or to feel that our existence isn’t safe. Maybe you didn’t have the tools to break the cycle but now we can and my hope is that this video helps you in that journey.

You Don’t Have to Accept Diet Culture Any Longer

Shame works by convincing us that it’s not our behavior or habits that potentially need to change but that we are bad and WE need to change. It’s important that we learn to separate the behavior from the individual and many times to do that we need relationship and co-regulation.


Getting the Body or Food “Right” is a Compensation for Shame

Pride and dieting are a compensation (the opposite) of shame when there is shame surrounding our food. If we can diet or do all the ‘right’ things then our needs won’t be ‘too much’ and it will be safe to exist in our culture.