Hi all
I have been a off the radar over a week now.   Feeling the need to retreat from the online world a bit (still posting on facebook but less and taking a writing break), though thinking about you all who give me the priveledge of space in your inbox and heart.

I thought I would share several new articles for deeper thought and support.  Please check these out!

This article discusses the danger of using BMI with children in schools.  If you have or know of anyone who has children in school, you can use this article as support if you choose to bring the dangers of focusing on weight being a  trigger for disordered eating and body image issues in children to the schools attention.


This video series will change the way you watch commercials forever!!  No wonder we learn body hatred by osmosis, but if you watch these, not anymore.


My main focus in helping you learn to eat well is through listening to your body for signals of hunger and fullness.  However, I like to present nutrition information neutrality, letting you try things out for yourself!  Please share these on facebook!

Attuned Eating Tip Tuesday  

Finally a little wisdom for the end of your week:

Inquiry helps you realize that everyone, even you, lives in safety under all circumstances, at all times. Proof? Ask, wait, listen. The enlightenment? Given.  ~Byron Katie

Thanks for your patience with my absence and have a good end of the week.

Much Love