We’re all at different places on our journey with food. And if we’re honest, every place on that path requires a new set of tools, learning and wisdom needed to continue moving forward.

Image of a pathway with text stating "wisdom for your food recovery journey."

When you’re brand new to food recovery, the very first thing you must do (or maybe you’ve already done) is stop dieting.

Recovery Wisdom #1 : Stop Dieting

This really is a non-negotiable. Stop dieting and don’t look back. This is a good bridge to burn 🙂

Recovery Wisdom #2 : Start to have a routine of regular eating to build a new neuropathway that you can eat from hunger and fullness. Try to eat within the first hour or two of waking up.

Recovery Wisdom #3 : Remember that diet culture is a culture. It has its own language. In diet culture, healthy = low calorie and unhealthy = high calorie. This isn’t always the case. It’s important to unlearn this language and learn the scientific language of intuitive eating.

Once I started doing these things and eating regularly, my body started to trust me that it was going to get fed.

The continual working of getting yourself fed will create a new pathway in your brain. This will allow you to move deeper into the more nuanced work of food recovery.

But, no matter where you find yourself on your journey, know that you can do this and you are worth the work.

With each new place on the path you will need to equip yourself with new tools and new wisdom. Thankfully, there are M A N Y other people on this same journey who have these tools that you need.

Find a community of like-minded people who will take the journey less ‘hard’. Find individuals who will lift you up and who you can lift up in return.

Check out this week’s videos. I hope that they provide you with some of the tools and wisdom we mentioned.

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