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Hello there, 

My 4th of July message is a few days late but hope the freedom sentiment of the video rings home for you.
Please let me know what your experiences have been with these strategies of if they feel like too much and more exploration would be helpful.

If you didn’t watch the video and just want the jist of it, enjoy below:

Despite how we’ve been programmed, real success isn’t defined by your body size.  Even if you lose weight, you are still you.

We often think we want a smaller body because we believe life will be better.  However, life  has been gentle or harsh because of life, not because your body caused one or the other  to happen.  Contrast will happen regardless of your body size.

If you are planning your next “cheat meal” or binge, rest assured your needs with pleasure and food have been deprived. Do you really think you deserve to base your pleasure allowance on how well you deprived yourself?

How do we break free from the limitation of your weight being the measurement of your worth or the primary way we push away emotions?

Be a positive broken record for yourself : the answer is always yes to compassion.

Remember Attuned eating is not a free-for-all: your body does not want too much of any one thing.

Wear clothes that are comfortable.  If you tell yourself you can’t find clothes you like or get new ones, borrow, resale or trade.  We say we can’t get new clothes because wearing a different size feels like it means something is wrong, not because we can’t get new clothes.

Let go of the outcome of intuitive eating.  You might lose weight but that is not the point. Your growth and freedom is the point.

There are many ways to cultivate confidence without trying to prove it through weight loss. Start that inner work now.  Work with me or someone. You are here reading or listening to this right now; be confident about questioning the thin ideal.   A system that benefits by first beating you down is not one to put your faith in.