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What are two of the most difficult aspects of being a non-diet professional?

*Being on your own, in your own head with your client questions, wondering how effective you are being


*Effectively communicating our passion for the freedom of non diet living in a way that clients, family and other professionals can take in to enhance the chances of long-term success for our clients and whom we aim to reach.

So how do you think the people who have been doing this work a while maintain their passion, continue to evolve and not get burned out for good?

They get Support!

If you’ve had consultation with other professionals to get feedback on new strategies you are learning or to build confidence with the strategies you have read about, you know how it can accelerate your skills.  

If you have never worked in a consultation group or one-one-one supervision hear this: 

Confidence builds inner calm and regulation.  Regulation of your system builds safety for your clients.  Safety for your clients means they are more likely to learn, trust they can manage their inner environment and be willing to take risks.

By offering our clients a non-diet approach, we are asking our clients to take some of the biggest risks of their lives.  

This is why non-diet professionals consult with each other to get feedback and keep the lonely, am I helping and on the right track blues away!

Whether you are looking for long-term community or a place you can come and go, join us for monthly or bi-monthly, YOUR CHOICE, Non-Diet Counseling Skills Consultation Group!

Here’s how the group works:

You pay for what you want, either 1 or 2 meetings a month and not obligated to any number of months.  Pay as you go!

One meeting a month — $125

Two meetings a month — $200

Each meeting is 75-90 min depending on participants and topics. No pre-work or required readings; just show up with your questions and be ready to discuss, get feedback, try on new skills, role-play and support each other! 

Our first meeting is Wed March 14 at 12pm eastern and will be held the second and fourth Wed of the month. You will receive reminder emails and access to recordings to the calls you sign up for.   All meetings will be on zoom.

I don’t want you to just take my word for the power of having another support you through your learning.  I credit where I am today for all the time (years really) that I consulted with experienced practitioners.

What people have said about consultation with Tracy,

“This training has exceeded my expectations – it has forced me to grow. It was hard emotionally for me in some ways, as I realized I had some bling spots (probably more to come!), but I feel much more equipped and ready to move forward. I felt supported, too, which is an incredible feeling.” Carolyn Young, RD

What are we going to discuss you might be wondering?

Some Examples of Potential Topics Include:

  • Questions and Role Playing all of the Following:
  • Doing a thorough Assessment and flow of sessions
  • How to treat AN, BN, BED and diet trauma
  • Teach nuances of hunger and fullness work beyond “eat from hunger and fullness”
  • Work with body image
  • Help clients identify and work with non-hunger eating, deprivation drive eating and rebellion eating
  • Recognize early attachment issues,  trauma and how to work in your scope with those issues,
  • Nutrition/health Worries and Issues
  • Kids/teens, parents and feeding dynamics
  • Counseling skills include MI, body tracking/reflecting,   
  • How to build good relationships so you build trust,
  • How to deal with difficult situations,
  • Systemic diet culture awareness and working with our blind spots (we haven’t been in everybody’s shoes) ,
  • HAES,Doing your own inner work
  • Compulsive/Reluctant Exercisers and When Movement isn’t Joyful
  • Working with a team
  • What to do when you get stuck and don’t know what to do or say
  • Using your client’s personalities and experiences to create experiments with food and awareness that work for them.
  • Sticking to your own voice when you do your outreach work
  • Boundaries
  • Respect and doing no harm  regarding food, spirituality and religion
  • Basics of business

Whether you are a coach or RD, working for a company or yourself, in or outpatient, these tools, skills and community are here for you to serve the people that need your support to live in peace with food and weight in a fat-phobic, fear of food world!

See you soon!

Your joining options:
One meeting a month — $125* 

Two meetings a month — $200* 

*Cancel your subscription payment to paypal yourself anytime
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