We all know it’s coming – diet culture season. Every year from roughly January through the end of February, we become slammed with marketing directed towards the traumas and insecurities that many of us walk with. It’s sad and unfortunate that this is the culture we live in but thankfully, we don’t have to leave ourselves subject to this onslaught each year. In this week’s video series (including one from January 2020), I’m talking about ways we can equip ourselves to make it through this tough season for many. 

What do we Want Recovery and Health for?

Getting a smaller body will only take you so far and is not a solution to living a thriving life. Diet culture knows people have trauma and neglect so what motivation do you have to fight when it becomes diet culture season?

Prepping for Diet Culture Season 

We all know that diet culture kicks into high gear in January and February of each year. What if, instead of getting pushed around by our fat phobia culture this year, we prepped for diet culture season.

Your Grounding Posts for Diet Season 

This is an older video from the beginning of the year when we were in the midst of diet culture season and some tips on how to ground yourself during that time.