So this was going to start out as somewhat a more serious topic, but I can’t help at laugh at the faces I make in these videos! You all know though that I do these videos in one take, no rehearsal and with just a topic in mind and publish 😉 It’s easy for those of trying to not worry so much about what people think of us to want to toil to make things perfect and look like we have it all together, hence the reason you see the funny faces!

That all being said, welcome to this post.

Today we are discussing what we are looking for physically when we stop dieting and binging. There is a lot of renourishment of our bodies happening when we start feeding ourselves adequately so I thought it would be a good time to remind us what is going on under our skin and what behaviors will be taking place to get to “what recovered” might look like.
I will add health is a moving target, however, and a level of consistency is to be expected with our bodies when we are stable with our movement and eating habits.

I would love to hear your comments about this and where you think you are at.  Next week I will be discussing the emotion/heightened embodiment to be expected over time as you reject dieting and embrace your needs.

Til then, much nourishment!